Newsletter - April 2014

Town of Bradford

April, 2014 Newsletter


Spring!!!  I think the time has finally arrived for the sun to start getting warmer and the snow to melt!!  It has been a very long winter and I, for one, am glad it’s on its way out the door.

There are a few very important items the Board of Selectmen and I need to share with you.

First, we will be opening bids for electrical work on the building.  Please see the Request for Proposal included in this newsletter.

Second, there is probably going to be a Special Town Meeting coming up in the near future.  This will be brief and address a few omissions from the regularly scheduled Town Meeting.  Keep your eye open for date and time.  I will be sure to post information on the Town website ( 

Also, a couple reminders:  Dog licenses are now past due.  If you have not registered your dog, our Animal Control Officer will be visiting to request you pay your registration fees.  If your dog is spayed or neutered, the fee is $6.00.  If your dog is not altered, the fee is $11.00.  However, because you are after the state mandated cutoff for the late fee, you will also be charged a $25.00 late fee, per dog, per year unpaid.

Also, the 2013 taxes are past due.  If you received a lien notice, you will have until April 23rd to pay them before we add the lien fees and record them in the Registry of Deeds.

The Community Development Advisory Committee will be sending out income surveys in order to obtain grant funding for some major projects that need completing.  This funding will not affect your tax bill.  Please take the time to complete the surveys when you receive them and send them back.  It will help our cause greatly!!  Thank  you!

The Bradford Days Committee will soon be looking for volunteers.  Please consider giving of even an hour or two of time.   If you are willing and able to volunteer, please inform the office and we’ll get you on the list.  Thank you!!

And finally, I will be looking for an individual to train here in the office on an on-call basis.  Please see the clerk-in-training information included in this newsletter to submit your application.

This news just in!!!  I would like to congratulate Tiffany Smith, daughter of Gilbert and Barbara Smith, for winning the State and regional DAR Christopher Columbus essay contest!!!  Good luck at the national division!!!!

Respectfully submitted, 

Lois A. Jones