Selectmen's Minutes, February 5, 2015



7:00 PM Thursday, February 19, 2015


Item 1.  Open meeting- Chairman Edward Nevells opened the meeting at

                7:02 pm


Item 2.  Approval of Minutes  February 5, 2015 minutes, Selectman Bruce Bailey made a motion and Selectman Vance Corliss 2nd the motion to accept the February 5, 2015 minutes, as read. All in favor- motion carries.


Item 3:  BOS Concerns:


  1. Bruce Bailey- would like to see a thank you for all those involved in Winterfest. (there is in the newsletter) would like to see it grow through the years. How are we on sand?


  1. Vance Corliss- nothing at the moment



  1. Errol Hanson- Tax incentive program for business, Smoking/Alcohol policy, Age for playground equipment, all things to add to a Special Town Meeting when we extend the TIF. There are some places in the sand salt shed that need to be repaired. Still not feeling right about the road commissioner ballot issue. We still might not be doing it right, wished it was advertised more to the public. A couple of people approached him about it. Junk yards, who in town has one, questioned the 3 or more unregistered cars on property creating a junk yard law.


  1. Ronald Jack- noticed still plowing around the Town Hall, Town truck needs to have a flashing light when plowing, there is a light on up at the Old Town Hall.



  1. Edward Nevells- nothing at the moment


Item 4.  Open Session-How do people get notifications by their phones if you

are not connected to Facebook. Need to google and see what we can        find out.

         Road sign check needs to be done- missing a few around Town- Lancaster Dr., Middle Rd.


Item 5.  Committee Reports:


  1. Planning Board- none this week  


  1. CEO- none tis week  


  1. Recreation Committee- none this week   



  1. Fire Department- was a busy weekend and Monday- 4 calls 3 in Town, the 2 fires were a great save to the homeowners. Were able to knock them down fast with limited damage. So far this year there has been 16 EMS calls. Need new members it’s a struggle during the day; 19 fire calls. Truck 17-2 is back and they kept to their quote. Now that the Fire Dept. doesn’t have the numbers it had in the past would like to have the Town shovel out the sled door. It has always been the Fire Dept’s responsibility. No vote was taken but after much discussion the Town Manager said that can be done covering the cost from Fire Dept. building maintenance budget line. Next year will make sure the ball field gate is opened so the snow can be pushed through on to the field.


  1. Road Commissioner- no complaints this week. Will be getting in touch with the prison about setting up tree cutting.(called and are on the list hopefully once he is done with Charleston they will be over this summer)


Item 6.  Old Business:


  1. Storm Run Off – R. Higgins- bearing no ledge and blue clay is found close to the site looking at $28,200 then add in a 20% contingence approximately $36,000.00 


  1. Town Warrant- TIF article- written by Eaton Peabody Consulting Group


  1. Sand- Paul asked the Town to hold off a while. Spoke with R. H. if Charleston breaks into the sand they will call and see if we are of need too. (Did call, Paul felt we were good on sand the last few storms were good to us. He will be cleaning up the front of the shed and getting a load of salt on March 3rd)   


  1. Prioritize TIF ideas-


Item 7.  New Business:


  1. Town Warrant Public Hearing- March 5th   signed (but will need to sign another one after Public Hearing found mistake in a date.)


  1. Sign Assessor’s return – County tax $79,651.55, acted upon



  1. How is the new Town Manager doing- things you like and things you don’t , what would you like me to do different? Comments- E. Nevells- appreciates that I respond back in a timely manner and the agenda is being posted.

B. Bailey- the Road Commissioner issue is a negative but also appreciates the time being put in.

R. Jack- no comment

E. Hanson- seems like I am doing pretty good. Don’t make a comment unless you know that your facts are correct.

V. Corliss- feels that I am doing a good job.



Item 8.  Correspondence- none


Item 9.   Request for Additional Agenda Items- none 


Item 10.  Review of Treasurer’s Warrants - #’s 10,11,12- acted upon


Item 11.  Executive Session- none


Item 12.  Adjournment- - Chairman Ed Nevells adjourned the meeting at




Respectfully Submitted,



Vittoria Stevens, Town Manager




_______________________                                _______________________

Vance Corliss                                                    Errol Hanson



_______________________                              _______________________

Bruce Bailey                                                      Edward Nevells




Ronald Jack