From your Planning Board

It has been a busy fall for the Bradford planning board.  We have updated our land use ordinance.  There are no major changes, just some small adjustments.  This is an ongoing process.  As situations arise, and we notice we don’t have guidelines for them, we try to make adjustments.  It is a long process and one that we do not take lightly.  We will be having a public hearing on the ordinance on February 11, 2014 and we will vote on it at the town meeting in March.

We would like to congratulate Andrew and Amanda at Bradford General.  The expansion is progressing nicely and I know everyone is excited for the completion.

The Community Development Advisory Committee has been working hard on policies to help attract more business to Bradford.  As things get finished, we will update you further.  As most of you know, RSU64 is working to get approval to build a new school in Corinth.  The Board of Directors has worked very hard to get information to every citizen.  On December 17, we will vote on the potential new school.  Depending on how the vote goes, and other circumstances, the potential may exist for the town of Bradford to regain ownership of Bradford Elementary school (the building).  The CDAC is developing a survey for the residents to get input on if the residents want the ownership of the building, and what everyone would like to see done with it.  More on that will come later.  We will also be holding public meetings on the topic.  We want and need everyone’s input on these topics.

We would like to wish all our neighbors a happy holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!



Diane McDonough, Chair