Letter to the Residents of Bradford

Dear Bradford Residents,

The Town of Bradford has been monitoring the COVID-19 virus and its potential impact in our community. After serious consideration we will be making some adjustments in the way the Town services are provide. These will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and changes will be made as information and circumstances change. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our residents and the employees in the most responsible ways possible. We apologize for the inconveniences that these measures will cause. It is important to avoid the need to shut down entirely through unintended exposure to the virus. We strongly encourage residents to practice social distancing (min. 6ft) to avoid potential contact but we also encourage everyone to call and check on neighbors, friends and family to avoid social isolation. We are erring on the side of caution in order to do our best to slow the spread of this virus.

Following Measures will be implemented as of Tuesday, March 17th until April 4th. If circumstances warrant the time period will be extended

All Meetings held at the Town Hall/ Community Center are canceled

Community Center Gym Closed

If you need to come into the office hand sanitize before coming up to the counter, only 1 resident at a time, exiting out the side door

Code Enforcement Officer and Assessor - please call the office 327-2121 on their days in and we will process as much as possible via phone, email and snail mail

General Assistance- persons seeking general assistance should call the Town Office at 327-2121 and we can process much of the application over the the phone and have you mail in the supporting documents.

Hunting and Fishing licenses can be done on line

In addition it is recommended that all citizens take the following steps:

Read and follow Maine CDC- recommended personal steps: hand-washing, use of hand-sanitizer, social distancing etc., www.maine.gov/dhhs/coronavirus

Avoid large gatherings.

Maintain two weeks' supply of emergency food and household goods- but please do not hoard.

Check on and help as needed neighbors while still maintain social distancing.

If you believe that you have virus symptoms call your physician before visiting the emergency room.

Stay informed through reputable news media sources and especially through State and local agencies and local media outlets.

While these are trying times - they are also the times that bring out the best in our Town: the positive attitude despite the stress, neighbors helping neighbor, will help us all get through this.

Thank you to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Vittoria Stevens